header photo Audio and CD mastering by Denis Blackham

DDP Players For Your Project


Version 3.1 - January 2015

Click on the the icon to download the version you require

All you need to play the downloaded DDP reference, make CDR copies and WAV files, is my Sonoris Skye Mastering DDP Player

How to use the DDP player

  1. Download and install the DDP player
  2. Copy and paste the key emailed to you when you open it
  3. Drag the downloaded DDP folder onto the player
  4. You should now have your project available in the DDP Player
  5. You can then play your project
  6. Burn CDR's, and make WAV files with ISRC codes embedded
  7. The player also displays the CD text, track times and ISRC codes
  8. For the track times, you only need minutes and seconds
  9. You can also check the start i.d. points of each track
  10. Keep the DDP player on your system for future use